Friday, December 4, 2009

More Hand-dyed 4ply Silky Wool!
I've just finished another dye-up and I'll add pictures soon of the latest hand-dyed yarns!
New colourways: "Lavender and Roses" is very delicate and pretty, "Moonlight Passion" is dramatic blue/crimson/aqua, "Citrus Punch" is bright, citrussy shades!! All $7.50 for 50g

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hand-dyed 4ply Silky Wool

Hand-dyed 4ply Silky Wool - Berry Crush

Hand-dyed 4ply Silky Wool - Hibiscus

Hand-dyed 4ply Silky Wool - Blue Lagoon

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New yarns from Anna Gratton Ltd, NZ.
Crinkle 10ply wool with poly/nylon binder.
Pictured shades left to right: Lime, Denim, Paua, Topaz, Jade.
100gm balls $7.50ea.

Pure Wool, fully machine washable, 4ply and 8ply heather blends:
Clockwise from top right: Terracotta, Forest, Wallflower & Damson 4ply; Rose, Damson Amethyst, Cherry and Paprika 8ply;
Centre: Navy Marl. (Note: colours in photo are not an accurate reproduction. eg. Navy marl is a deep navy.) 
200g skeins $14.00 each

Monday, September 28, 2009

New yarns from Anna Gratton Ltd, NZ

Today a parcel of new yarns from Anna Gratton Ltd of New Zealand have arrived and they are just lovely! 4ply machine washable pure wool in fabulous heather blends and 10ply crinkle which is wool with a black poly/nylon wrap thread. Beautiful colours! I'm expecting a second parcel with 8ply machine washable pure wool - hope it hasn't gone astray!

I'm also adding Earth Palette Dyes to my store - 200g packs for $2.70 each, in 10 colours! These are cold dyes specially-formulated for wool and other animal fibres. They are very easy to mix and use and the colours are brilliant!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Combed tops, yarns, accessories, sheep breed posters


Silky Wool  - Pure wool which has been treated to stretch and set the fibres $80/kg
21micron Merino pure wool top $35/kg
Organic Merino, 20.5micron pure wool top $35/kg

Tussah Silk - creamy golden wild silk, $9.60/100g
Dark Grey 5/09 Bond X $60/kg
Silky Wool Natural White 100% wool 4ply, 50g balls $7.50
Silky Wool 4ply in stunning hand-dyed colours also available!
Silk Dream Natural white, lustrous Silky Wool plied with white silk filament
4 ply and 8ply in 50g balls $9.00
4ply cones – (sizes vary) 500g $90.00

Anna Gratton Ltd (NZ) yarns
Pure wool, machine washable, heather blends in 4 and 8ply - paua, cherry, wallflower, damson, terracotta, forest, rose, amethyst, paprika, forest, sherwood $16.00/200g hank

'Crinkle' wool with poly/nylon binder thread in 10ply  - paua, lime, denim, jade, topaz $7.50/100g

Hand-spun yarn
‘Spin2knit’ yarn (handspun from Shiloh fleeces!)
Natural colours – cinnamon-choc ‘8ply’ 100g $14.00

Knitting Needles - wooden with decorative ends
6mm and 8mm $10.00/pr
9.5mm and 12mm $12.00/pr

Stitch Markers

Spin2knit’ hand-crafted beaded stitch markers $1.65ea.
‘Spin2knit’ hand-crafted beaded row markers $3.50ea

Wool Stands - Individually crafted, turned wood $20.00ea.

Creative Knitting magazine
Back issues – Issues 5, 8, 9, 12,18, 19, 21 Now only $4.00ea.

Breeds of Sheep in Australia posters - $18.00 for the set of four or 5.00each
No 1. The Merino and Related Breeds
No 2. Long Wool Breeds
No 3. Short Wool Breeds

No 4. Shedding Breeds and Carpet Wool Breeds

Horizontal scarf – white Silky Wool and fawn ‘Dune’ (Silky Wool/alpaca), Adult, $30.00
Baby vest and matching cap, hand-dyed 4ply Silky Wool - 'lagoon' (blue/green), newborn, $17.50
Baby vest, hand-dyed 4ply Silky Wool - denim blue/green, 0-3mths, $15.00

Baby cardigan and matching beanie (pictured), hand-dyed 4ply Silky Wool - 'berry crush' (crimson/purple/blue), 0-3mths, $25.00

Cap in hand-dyed Silk Dream 8ply - confetti, child/teen, $15.00
Lacey scarf, 'Crinkle' 10ply - paua (deep blue shades), adult length, $20.00

Silky Wool - hand-dyed 24ply, aqua shades and aqua/pink/mauve, 100g skeins, $9.60
Silk Dream Colours (white silky wool plied with coloured silk) 6ply: blue sky, 70g, $3.50; peacock, 50g, $2.50
Rustic - dark brown/black (75% wool, 25% alpaca), 5ply and 8ply, $8.00/100g

To order:
1. Email:
2. Phone: (03) 5251 2497
3. Post: Shiloh Wool, PO Box 295, Drysdale 3222, Victoria, Australia
An invoice will be emailed and/or posted to you. Orders over $100 in value to be paid for prior to dispatch.
1. Direct deposit to Shiloh Wool account (details on invoice)
2. Cheque payable to Shiloh Wool
3. PayPal

At Shiloh Wool, on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, we produce natural-coloured wool for hand-spinners and wool-crafters. We run a small flock of black, brown and white Bond X sheep, most of which are coated throughout the year to keep the fleece-wool as free of contamination as possible. After shearing, in October each year, each fleece is rolled up with paper and individually wrapped and labeled. Our fleeces are checked and re-skirted if necessary before dispatching to spinners world-wide!

At Shiloh we match fleeces which are similar in colour, style and micron, to blend for top-making. To make top, the scoured wool is gilled and combed to align the fibres. This doesn’t alter the natural colours and the wool is ready to spin from the roll or pack with no further preparation and little or no waste. Your newly-spun yarn can be knitted up straight away, greatly reducing the time taken to produce the finished garment! Spinning from combed top makes it easy to produce a smooth, strong yarn and combed top is also excellent for anyone who has an allergy to the wool-grease (lanolin).
We also stock white Merino and Silky Wool tops.