Thursday, November 29, 2012

FLEECES 2012-2013
Bond and Bond X unless otherwise stated.
Coated unless otherwise stated.
Weights in black are approximate - accurate weights in blue.
All $20/kg coated and $18/kg uncoated.

3/10 - Milk chocolate, approx 25micron, 110-120mm staple length, good character, very soft, 1.9kg $38.00
9/05 (ram) - Fawn/pale fawn, approx 25-26micron, 80-100mm staple length, poor character, very greasy, very dense, not coated so some VM likely to be present, 3.25kg

1/11 (young ram) - Black with some light fibres and burnished tip, approx 25micron, 120-130mm staple length, fair/good character, not coated so some VM present, 4.57kg $82.25
C16/10 - Black with grey fibres, approx. 25micron, 100-110mm, good character, very soft, 1.47kg $29.40
C16/08 - Dark grey, approx. 27micron, 110 -120mm, good character, very even, 4.38kg $87.60
C10/05 - Dark grey, approx 24micron, 110-120mm staple length, good/fair character, very even, 4.2kg $84.00
C18/04 (ram) - Mid-grey, approx 25micron, 80-95mm staple length, fair/poor character, very greasy, not coated so some VM present, 3.5kg

180 (ram)-1 - Bright white, approx 23micron, 100-110mm staple length, good character, even, greasy tip, not coated so some VM present, 3.36kg, $60.45
180 (ram)-2 - As above, 1.18kg, $21.20

I also have white, brown and a little black lambswool for sale for $5/kg. It is all Bond, short-stapled and very soft.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The sheep have been shorn and I'm working through classing and weighing each fleece. I've done all 5 white fleeces, including re-skirting, photographing and bagging. The blacks (14) have all been classed and weighed and I'm about to start on the 21 browns. Stay tuned!