Tuesday, December 17, 2013


50% Silky Wool (optim) / 50% Huacaya Alpaca!
Just collected from the mill yesterday!

Two colourways: pale fawn and pale grey!

So soft and beautiful! A wonderful last-minute
Christmas gift for a spinner or treat yourself!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Shorn 27th October 2013

Unfortunately I've had to increase prices this year. Due to the dry summer and late autumn rains we had to supplement the sheep's pasture feed with oats and hay for most of the year. This is a costly exercise and unfortunately results in the fleeces costing more to produce. I hope you'll understand.

All fleeces were coated unless otherwise stated. Weights and prices listed are approximate as all fleeces will be re-skirted and re-weighed before dispatch. Accurate weights and prices will be posted in blue as available.

BROWNS $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated
B9/12 - Milk chocolate, approx. 23micron, 80-100mm, good character, quite dense, very soft, 1.6kg, $40.00
B17/12 - Milk choc/fawn, approx. 26micron, 100-120mm, good character, fairly even, 2kg, $50.00
B13/10 - Light chocolate/fawn, approx. 25micron, 100-110mm, good/fair character, 2.69kg, $67.25
9/05 - (ram) Pale fawn, approx. 25micron, 70-105mm, poor character, not coated so VM present, 2.5kg, $57.50
DL1 - Champagne cream, silvery at base of staple, approx. 26micron, 100-120mm, fair character, not coated, 2.1kg, $48.30

BLACKS $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated
1/11 - (ram) Black, approx. 25micron, 110mm, good character, dense, not coated, 3.5kg, $80.50

WHITES $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated
C14/12 - Creamy white, approx. 23micron, 100-120mm, fair character, 2.9kg $72.50
180 - (ram) Bright white, approx. 24micron, 80-120mm, excellent character, not coated, 5.5kg, $126.50

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Our flock has grown way too big and I have the following sheep and lambs available for sale:

2/10 - brown Bond X wether, 4 years

1/09 - brown Bond X ewe, 5 years

B5/09 - brown Bond X ewe, 5 years

C16/08 - black Bond X ewe, 6 years

B13/06 - brown Bond X ewe, 8 years

C6/06 - white Bond X ewe, 8 years


C7/13 - white Bond ewe, 1 year old
C2/13 - black Bond wether, 1 year old
9/13 - black Bond wether, 1 year old
10/13 - black bond wether, 1 year old
B17/12 - brown Bond X wether, 2 years old, wool approx. 26micron
C18/12 - black Bond wether, 2 years old, wool approx. 24micron
B22/12 - brown, Bond X wether, 2 years old, wool approx. 24micron

Prices range between $40-$60 each. $30 extra for delivery if required.
All have been vaccinated and drenched.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these sheep, contact me! Contact details are on my profile page.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013



We had our sheep shorn last Sunday, 27th October! Praise God for the break in the weather! We had a couple of very light showers on Saturday when we were getting the sheep in the shearing shed but Sunday was dry all day!
I'm about to go and sort out the oddments (all the categories of wool that are not suitable for hand-spinning) to be taken to the wool-store in Geelong. When that is done I'll start weighing and classing each fleece. I'll post a list as soon as I get it written up!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shearing happening soon plus new tops!

We have the shearer coming on 27th October, a bit later than I would have preferred but we have to take the date we're given!! Please pray for fine weather that week so shearing is not delayed! If all goes well I should be able to post a list of fleeces in early November! Spinners, stay tuned!!

Also, I've just had some optim top combed with alpaca - two shades, rose grey and fawn. I haven't picked it up from Cashmere Connections yet but I've been told it's really lovely! Can't weait to see and feel it!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bond tops, beautifully combed by Cashmere Connections, are now in stock!
Mid grey or fawn, $65/kg

(I'll upload pics when I figure out how to access them on our new computer!)

Friday, May 24, 2013


My apologies, I have been very slack and haven't up-dated the fleece list for ages!