Sunday, October 25, 2015


We have a date for shearing - Saturday 7th November!
It's unfortunately (for the sheep!) a couple of weeks later this year and they are bursting out of their coats! I hope you will understand that if some sheep have to have their coats removed a small amount of VM may get into the fleeces. Since the demise of Wool-Overs I haven't purchased any coats in larger sizes and we're just making do with what we've got.
As soon as I get the fleeces classed, weighed and photographed I'll post the info and pics here.
If the fleeces are all sound there should be 34 fleeces available. Three of these will be from black weaners which were born after shearing last year so they have not been coated and the fleeces still have their 'lamb tip'. We didn't breed any lambs this year (in case we were moving house) so there won't be any short lambswool.

Talk about everything happening at daughter gave birth to her second child, a gorgeous little girl, on 6th October, so I've been staying at her place for the last three weeks to give her a hand. I arrived home to the news that my husband had just accepted an offer for our property so if all goes well we will be moving house in the next couple of months!