Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I have just removed the pics and info for fleeces which have been ordered today! I'll try to keep this list up-dated.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


FRESH FLEECES shorn 7.11.15
There are fewer coloured fleeces this year due to down-sizing the flock in preparation for relocating to a smaller property in Western Vic. in the new year. For this reason I have included the tender fleeces, at half price, which would still be suitable for hand-carding and spinning, or felting.
The first two black fleeces are from late lambs which arrived unexpectedly in December last year and missed shearing! They were not coated and still have a 'lamb tip'.
Micron and weights are approximate. After each fleece has been re-skirted and bagged I'll post accurate weights and prices in blue.

BROWNS - $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated

DL2 - Champagne cream, approx. 30micron, length 120mm, sound, fair/poor character. 2kg $50.00

BLACKS - $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated

C19/14 - 1/2 staple dark grey, 1/2 brown with lamb tip, approx. 25micron, length 120mm, very good character, unfortunately tender with a break 70cm from butt, not coated, VM present. 3kg @ $11.50/kg $34.50
C17/14 - 1/2 staple black, 1/2 brown with lamb tip, approx. 27micron, length 150-160mm, sound, excellent character, not coated, VM present. 2kg $46.00

1/11 (ram) - Black with some dark grey, approx. 25micron, length 110mm, sound, fair/poor character, not coated, VM present. 5kg $115.00

WHITES - $25/kg coated, $23/kg coated

C13/14 - Creamy white, approx. 27micron, length 120-130mm, sound, very good character. 4.4kg $110.00

C15/13 - Creamy white, approx. 26micron, length 110-120mm, sound, very good character. 4.27kg $106.75

B6/13 - Creamy white, approx. 26micron, length 110-120mm, sound, very good character, dense. 2.5kg $62.50

B21/12 - Creamy white, approx. 26micron, length 110-120mm, sound, very good character, 2.8kg $70.00

C15/12 - Creamy white, approx. 26micron, length 120mm, sound, excellent character, 4.47kg $111.75

B6/12 - Creamy white, approx. 26micron, length 110-120mm, sound, excellent character, soft-handling. 4.4kg $110.00

C3/11 - Creamy white, approx. 27micron, length 140-150mm, sound, excellent character. (2) 2.6kg $65.00 (3) 1.9kg $47.50

180 (ram) - Bright white, approx. 25micron, length 90-105mm, sound, good character, greasy tip, VM present. 6kg $138.00

Monday, November 9, 2015


Our sheep have been shorn and I'm flat chat trying to get them all classed, weighed and photographed while the sun's still shining here! I've finished the coloureds and I'm working on the whites today! I'll post pics and info soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2015


We have a date for shearing - Saturday 7th November!
It's unfortunately (for the sheep!) a couple of weeks later this year and they are bursting out of their coats! I hope you will understand that if some sheep have to have their coats removed a small amount of VM may get into the fleeces. Since the demise of Wool-Overs I haven't purchased any coats in larger sizes and we're just making do with what we've got.
As soon as I get the fleeces classed, weighed and photographed I'll post the info and pics here.
If the fleeces are all sound there should be 34 fleeces available. Three of these will be from black weaners which were born after shearing last year so they have not been coated and the fleeces still have their 'lamb tip'. We didn't breed any lambs this year (in case we were moving house) so there won't be any short lambswool.

Talk about everything happening at once....my daughter gave birth to her second child, a gorgeous little girl, on 6th October, so I've been staying at her place for the last three weeks to give her a hand. I arrived home to the news that my husband had just accepted an offer for our property so if all goes well we will be moving house in the next couple of months!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


We had a great time at this year's Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo! Praise God the weather was fantastic - dry and sunny virtually the whole time - and subsequently lots of people attended the Show! We met lots of friends old and new and sold lots of fleeces, tops and yarns! I'll have to get cracking with dyeing up more yarns now in readiness for Hamilton Sheepvention on August 3rd and 4th!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I just added another pic of the latte glass cosies below! I think I'm over crocheting those now although it is a good way to use up odd bits of cotton yarns!

Currently knitting an entrelac baby blanket for my daughter's baby girl who is due in October. It is in 8ply Silk Dream yarn hand-dyed in pale pink and mauve. I made similar blankets for my grandson and granddaughter (cousins, now both nearly 2 years old) in pale mint/blue and cream/fawn respectively.

We're looking forward to the Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo in July! I've still got some lovely fleeces available and lots of tops although our natural-grey Bond top is running out rapidly. I'm planning to dye up swags more Silk Dream yarns too! Hope to see lots of friends old and new at Bendi!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Latte Glass Cosy

I've been crocheting latte glass cosies! I've made one for a friend who drinks her tea from a latte glass, and two for my son-in-law in (dare I admit it?!) Collingwood FC colours! Then someone asked me for the pattern so I had to get serious and make sure it was correct and understandable so I made the cosy in the photos!
Very quick and easy. If anyone would like the pattern just email me!