Saturday, August 4, 2018

Almost all the fleeces from the 2017 clip have been sold, but good news: the sheep are busily growing more lovely fleeces!! We hope to have them shorn a bit earlier this year in October, if possible.
I have been unable to source good quality sheep coats and I haven't had time to wash and repair our existing coats this year so most of the sheep have remained uncovered. The fleeces will have a dirtier tip than usual but hopefully we'll get them off the sheep before the spring grasses go to seed, to avoid seed contamination.

Friday, December 22, 2017


Most 2017 fleeces have been sold, the following are still available:

As always, weights in black are approximate, weights in blue are accurate. Micron is a guesstimate!


AL1 Merino - Variegated: dark to light grey, some white, approx. 22micron, length 75-90mm, good to fair character, very soft, not coated, 1.3kg $26.00

WHITES @ $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated
B6/12 - not coated, details when available
16/14 - not coated, details when available

There is also some Bond lambswool available in brown, black or white - very short (40mm or less), very soft, @ $10/kg

LAST YEAR'S remaining white Merino fleeces are NOW 1/2 PRICE to clear!

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Our small flock of Bond sheep are growing some beautiful fleeces this year! I'm still waiting to hear from the shearer about a date for shearing, but hopefully it will be in November. Once the sheep are shorn it will take me a week or two to class, weigh and photograph each fleece and post the info and pics here and on Shiloh Wool's Facebook page. Stay tuned......!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Latest hand-dyed yarns!

Silk Dream 8ply yarns (same as in previous post) but now all skeined, labeled and ready to go!
1. Summer Daze matching colours
2. Summer Daze 

3. Tea Rose

4. Playhouse

5. Playhouse matching colours

6. Under the Sea
All $9.00 per 50g skein

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Freshly-dyed Yarns!

These are almost all Silk Dream 8ply yarns with a few Silky Wool 4ply as well. The Silk Dream are $9.00 for 50g skein and the Silky Wool $7.50 for 50g.

There are more in the pipeline......

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Shorn 10.12.16.
All have been coated unless otherwise stated.
Micron and weights are approximate. Weights listed in blue are accurate.
$25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated


2/09 Champagne cream, approx. 27micron, 90-100mm, sound, fair to poor character, 2.5kg $62.50

C13/13 Mid-grey/fawn, approx. 25micron, 90-100mm, tender 20mm from butt, good to fair character, very soft, 670g $16.75

1/11 (ram) Dark to mid-grey, burnished tip, approx. 25micron, 100mm, sound, fair to poor character, not coated, 3kg 69.003kg, $69.00
I also have a small amount of quite short-stapled lambswool, some brown, some black, @ $5.00/kg

16/14 Very creamy white, approx. 26micron, 100-110mm, sound, good character, 3.9kg $97.50
C10/11 Creamy white, approx. 26micron, 110mm, sound, good character, even, 2kg $50.00

Also six white Fine Merino fleeces, approx. 17-18micron, good length (at least one, KT6, is two or more year's growth), sound, excellent character, but unfortunately they contain quite a bit of vegetable contamination (VM) mostly on outer surface. Some are long enough to just snip off the contaminated tips!

KT1, length 80-100mm, 4.5kg, $90.00

KT2, length 130-150mm, 4kg, $80.00

KT3, length 100-110mm, 4kg, $80.00

KT4, length 120-140mm, 3.5kg, $70.00

KT5, length 110-130mm, 3.5kg, $70.00

KT6, length 150-170mm, 6.5kg, $130.00

Friday, December 23, 2016


Hi everyone,
The new season's fleeces have been classed,weighed and photographed and are available for sale!
Unfortunately, seeing as it's only two days till Christmas, I don't have time at present to post the pics and details here but I will do so as soon as I can!
In the meantime if you'd like me to email you a price list, just email me at

A Merry Woolly Christmas and a Happy, Fleece-filled New Year to all!