Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Shorn 10.12.16.
All have been coated unless otherwise stated.
Micron and weights are approximate. Weights listed in blue are accurate.
$25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated


2/09 Champagne cream, approx. 27micron, 90-100mm, sound, fair to poor character, 2.5kg $62.50

C13/13 Mid-grey/fawn, approx. 25micron, 90-100mm, tender 20mm from butt, good to fair character, very soft, 670g $16.75

1/11 (ram) Dark to mid-grey, burnished tip, approx. 25micron, 100mm, sound, fair to poor character, not coated, 3kg 69.003kg, $69.00
I also have a small amount of quite short-stapled lambswool, some brown, some black, @ $5.00/kg

16/14 Very creamy white, approx. 26micron, 100-110mm, sound, good character, 3.9kg $97.50
C10/11 Creamy white, approx. 26micron, 110mm, sound, good character, even, 2kg $50.00

Also six white Fine Merino fleeces, approx. 17-18micron, good length (at least one, KT6, is two or more year's growth), sound, excellent character, but unfortunately they contain quite a bit of vegetable contamination (VM) mostly on outer surface. Some are long enough to just snip off the contaminated tips!

KT1, length 80-100mm, 4.5kg, $90.00

KT2, length 130-150mm, 4kg, $80.00

KT3, length 100-110mm, 4kg, $80.00

KT4, length 120-140mm, 3.5kg, $70.00

KT5, length 110-130mm, 3.5kg, $70.00

KT6, length 150-170mm, 6.5kg, $130.00