Saturday, November 16, 2013


Shorn 27th October 2013

Unfortunately I've had to increase prices this year. Due to the dry summer and late autumn rains we had to supplement the sheep's pasture feed with oats and hay for most of the year. This is a costly exercise and unfortunately results in the fleeces costing more to produce. I hope you'll understand.

All fleeces were coated unless otherwise stated. Weights and prices listed are approximate as all fleeces will be re-skirted and re-weighed before dispatch. Accurate weights and prices will be posted in blue as available.

BROWNS $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated
B9/12 - Milk chocolate, approx. 23micron, 80-100mm, good character, quite dense, very soft, 1.6kg, $40.00
B17/12 - Milk choc/fawn, approx. 26micron, 100-120mm, good character, fairly even, 2kg, $50.00
B13/10 - Light chocolate/fawn, approx. 25micron, 100-110mm, good/fair character, 2.69kg, $67.25
9/05 - (ram) Pale fawn, approx. 25micron, 70-105mm, poor character, not coated so VM present, 2.5kg, $57.50
DL1 - Champagne cream, silvery at base of staple, approx. 26micron, 100-120mm, fair character, not coated, 2.1kg, $48.30

BLACKS $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated
1/11 - (ram) Black, approx. 25micron, 110mm, good character, dense, not coated, 3.5kg, $80.50

WHITES $25/kg coated, $23/kg uncoated
C14/12 - Creamy white, approx. 23micron, 100-120mm, fair character, 2.9kg $72.50
180 - (ram) Bright white, approx. 24micron, 80-120mm, excellent character, not coated, 5.5kg, $126.50

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